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There are three words that are often used, misused, overused and abused.  Let's take them one at a time.  You will see that when used alone they are harmless.  The first word, BUT, could mean excuse me... in addition to... wait a second and could possibly mean more than we even care to imagine.  The second word, I, means me... no other word for that one.  I means me.   The buck stops here, so-to-speak.  And the very last word, THOUGHT, wow, now there is a loaded word if ever there was one.  Thought... think in the past tense... an idea that just popped up in your head... an understanding... a misunderstanding and so on.

When used alone, any of those words can be put into a sentence that is quite harmless.  When combining them and when you combine them in an effort to defend yourself, wow... Katie bar the door.  But I Thought it was included in the purchase price.  But I Thought the drapes were going to be replaced.  But I Thought the Water Softener was included.  But I Thought, But I Thought, But I Thought.  Three very powerful words that when used together in an effort to defend your actions in a real estate transaction, can and many times does mean that there will be damages and that they usually will be paid out of the sellers commission.

We are in a profession that is filled with ways to cause harm to our sellers and/or buyers.  More and more people are suit happy these days and if we are not careful to dot every I and cross every T, we lose. 

So, how can we prevent silly and stupid mistakes that have plagued our profession for so many years?  It is easier than you think.   GO THE EXTRA MILE.  That's right.  GO THE EXTRA MILE when asking questions about the water softener.  Can I see the contract please?  Or, Who do you mail your check to for salt or service?  Check it out for yourself.  It can save you a thousand dollars or even more. 

When writing the inclusions and exclusions on the listing contract go over, in detail, and even go as far as highlighting in yellow marker, those items that are listed as inclusions.  It may sound petty, but we don't live in 1960 any more.  Every thing is wonderful.  I trust you and you trust me.  No, no.  Not any more. 

Protect yourself from silly and needless errors such as these.  It can be done.  You will be very happy when there is a dispute between the buyer and seller over these items.  You can be sure that you did your job and that you have acted in a professional manner.  It will pay big dividends to you and your pocket book.

Have a great and productive day.  Make a memory.

See you at close.



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