Another SHORT SALE closed in Lake County!

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Another Short Sale closed! Yesterday, we closed a Spring Valley Short Sale with Citi-Mortgage. No matter how many you have been involved with...closing a Short Sale is a cause for celebration.  Celebrate the avoidance of a Foreclosure!

Another successful Short Sale

This Short Sale allowed my clients to move on with their avoid a Foreclosure which would have followed them for 7 years. Loss of employment, permanent disability and huge medical bills created the ‘perfect storm' which changed their lives and which brought them to the brink of financial disaster.

There were a few moments when it seemed that the deal would fall apart and that foreclosure would be inevitable. However a little hard work and a lot of client advocacy resulted in a successful Short Sale. And that sale is the "silver lining" to this story. A young couple, who are in the Marine Corps, were able to buy their first home in their "Home Town" of Lake County. Thanks to today's technology one of the buyer's was able to sign documents while deployed in Afghanistan while his wife was able to sign in San Diego.

I would like to say that all Short Sales conclude as this one did but, we all know that is not true. But the truth is that Short Sales are being approved at greater numbers than ever before. If you or someone you know is worrying about that mortgage have them give me, Hank Montgomery a call. I specialize in FORECLOSURE avoidance and nothing feels better than helping someone avoid foreclosure.

Goran Utvic
Goran Utvic Real Estate Broker/Construction Consultant - Chicago, IL
Chicago 2 Flat Specialist

Hank - congrats on getting the short sale approved...keep up the good work.

Jun 03, 2011 04:43 PM