Why Choose Real Estate Investing as a Career

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Wholesale Real Estate - Fairfax VA: There is no secret in the fact that real estate is a great way to make a living. No matter what the market you can make money one way or the other. When the market is good, you’ll be selling. When the market is down, as it is now, you’ll buy up all those super cheap properties and rent them out for extra cash flow. Then when the market improves, you’ll sell what you want to and keep the rest.

   Why Choose Real Estate Investing as a CareerThe bottom line is that it will be up to you how you spend your time, what you do with your investments, and what road you choose to go down. Will you wholesale properties by finding them for other investors who are looking for good deals? Will you be the one who buys wholesale properties and builds up your portfolio? Will you do single family rental units exclusively? It’s up to you.

A job at which you receive regular income is crucial to help you get your living expenses paid for. The sad part of that is that you won’t likely get anything more than that and you’ll reach retirement age counting on social security. At a regular job you are tied up all week and are at the disposal of your boss, who is a business owner. There’s hardly time for you to do anything else, let alone make extra money to build a nest egg for the future.

If you would like more out of life than that, you might want to explore your options in real estate investment. It’s something you can start out with part time. Go to a wholesaler and see what is available for you to purchase. If you have time to manage one rental, and you the credit and down payment to get the loan, one rental is a good place to start.

In asking many real estate investors how they began their careers as property buyers and sellers, you may hear this story over and over. Start with one property. Once you have one you can use that for leverage to get the second. And on the story goes, building wealth one property at a time.If it’s your goal to someday be your own boss, setting your own hours, and working as hard as you wish, all for the opportunity to build something for your future while living well today, explore the world of real estate wholesale investing.

Why Choose Real Estate Investing as a CareerDJJ Properties is a real estate company based in Fairfax County, Virginia who handles both commercial and residential properties.

The culture of the company is to assist people with appropriate decisions in buying and selling real estate. “We like to help people solve problems in real estate”.

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