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Local Eyesore goes up in Flames and the community Cheers

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I dreamed of this day for so many years. The day that the junk store "AAA Liquidating" in Normandy Park would burn to the ground. Don't get me wrong. The store had some cool stuff sometimes. Like the time when I was 13 and went in there with my friends and we purchased "stun guns" to zap each other with. BB gun wars started to get boring so we thought that stun guns would be fun. (by the way they hurt like hell and we went back to BB gun wars in the woods of Normandy Park instead, we figured shoting each other with BB's was much safer) But what if AAA wasn't there we would've never had the chance to maybe accidentally kill each other.

Except for the "stun gun" purchases everything else about AAA Liquidating drove me nuts. The piles of steel barrels, 1/2 priced desks and chairs and whatever else was picked up at bargain prices was stacked all over the Triple "A"  parking lot. I swear nobody every must've purchased a steel barrel from there because the only seemed to multiple.

I have no idea how the owner got away with that in Normandy Park. It was against all kinds of codes but somehow it remained that way for as long as I can remember, and only seemed to get worse over every year.

So on  the last weekend in September I received a text message saying the it was going to be burned to the ground!! Who was the text from?? Was it from some crazy outraged citizen, or a neighbor from the adjacent Brittany Place Condos that overlooked the junk yard, or maybe an arsonist was on the rampage.Watch the video and find out who did it.

I tracked down the person behind the fire. He's a pretty good guy by the way. Check out his foundation to fight Usher Syndrome (click here)

He is also a a pretty darn good builder starting a fabulous new development of homes for sale in Normandy Park ranging in the mid to upper Million dollar range. For more information on those homes for sale or other homes for sale in Normandy Park see below.   

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