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Have you ever thought about how much the roof on your home is like icing on a cake?  For example, if you see a beautiful home with a sharp looking custom roof, you automatically assume that what's under the roof is just as well maintained and beautiful as the roof is.  Just like when I see a beautifully frosted cake I just know that the inside will be delicious as well! But if you see a home with a scruffy, poorly maintained, outdated roof...you immediately begin to wonder how much the interior has been neglected as well.  Just like when I see a cake with half the frosting sliding off that looks like it just lost a fight with the cat...I am suspicious of what the inside tastes like.  So I put it back in the fridge and give up baking.  But for those of you trying to sell your home, updating your "icing"  might be just what your "cake" needs!


(ARA) - For some people, selecting roofing material is an afterthought, but savvy homeowners, remodelers and builders know a beautiful roof creates architectural appeal that can top any other residence in the neighborhood.

Distinctive roofing completes the visual picture, accenting steep gables and supplying attractive color fields to hipped roofs. Existing homes can also benefit from the striking rejuvenation of a new roof, which adds instant attractiveness where roof appeal may not have been much of a consideration before.

Slate roofing has long been prized for its beauty, following its rise in popularity through America's early years. The picturesque look of slate is now available through the advanced technology of composite slate, created with molds cast from real slate. Unlike natural slate, it won't break or delaminate. InSpire Roofing delivers Old World elegance to both expansive and more intimate size homes, ranging in style from rustic to contemporary.

For homeowners who want to achieve a custom look, composite slate combines a perfect blend of high style and high technology to complement a multitude of architectural styles and exteriors. "Coming in the industry's widest color palette, InSpire adds richness, deep texture and the authentic look of natural slate, without the high cost and heavy weight that comes with it," says Jonathan Wierengo, vice president of marketing for The Tapco Group. Crafted from compressed limestone and virgin resins, including recycled content, InSpire is an innovative green product that even performs better than natural slate and is backed by a transferable limited lifetime warranty.

Composite slate brings artistic flair to homes clad in stone, wood, fiber cement or other materials, and adds interest on dormers, multiple gables and cross gables. Its beauty draws the eyes upward to soaring ridges, and also complements features like chimneys and eyebrow windows. Renovated brick or stucco homes can deliver a dramatic architectural statement with a new roof.

To achieve an historic look, homeowners can choose nuanced grey hues, even combining Dover Grey, Slate Grey, Pewter Grey and Charcoal Grey. These are offered among the seven standard and 11 premium colors available from InSpire, along with seven blended colors to help homeowners create custom looks that can be bold, rustic or traditional. The elemental feel of Emerald Green, the dark earthiness of Red Clay and the depth of Stone Black, also partner well with grey shades. The nature-inspired textures and colors of Moss Green and Red Cedar are a perfect fit for timber homes and rustic cabins.

To visualize your home with the natural elegance of InSpire Roofing, visit www.inspireroofing.com to pick the right color or color combination for your roof or call (800) 971-4148 for more information. InSpire Roofing Products is a division of The Tapco Group and a U.S. Green Building Council Member.

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Carla Harbert
www.LorainCountyHomeSales.com - Avon, OH
RE/MAX Omega: Lorain-Medina County Area

Roofs DO play an important role, when selling a home. More than once, a buyer has told me to mark a home off the list of the ones they wanted to see inside, after driving by first - seeing how the exterior actually looked. Photos do not always protray the "real" picture. 

Jun 06, 2011 09:08 AM
Barbara Hershey
Bath, ME
Realtor, Maine Real Estate

I agree Carla!  People always groan when they see a roof that needs attention...makes them wonder what other maintenance has been neglected!  Thank you for you comment!

Jun 06, 2011 01:01 PM