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Much of the national news we hear regarding mortgage and real estate is negative.  It is important to remember that real estate is truly local.  If you are thinking of buying or selling a home the best thing to do is speak with a local, experienced realtor whose familiar with your neighborhood.  The same is true if you're thinking of refinancing or trying to lower your monthly bills.  Mortgage rates remain at historic lows.  The 30 year fixed mortgage rate has been consistently below 5% for qualified borrowers with even lower rates available for shorter term loans.  With these interest rates a refinance can be an opportunity to lower your payment, lower your overall monthly bills, or expedite the payoff of your loan by obtaining a shorter term and retaining an affordable payment. 

If this message interests you consider contacting a local mortgage specialist.  A mortgage consultation is always free and without obligation. The information provided is always valuable.

A mortgage consultation can be scheduled by contacting David at 207-939-0851 or by email at dcekutis@northeastbank.com   


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A mortgage consultation is always free and without obligation.  The information provided is always valuable. 

David Cekutis, NMLS# 509632, Northeast Bank, Cell: 207-939-0851

Email: dcekutis@northeastbank.com

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