Buyers Need Representation

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Buyers Need Representation

Moving to Alaska ? When taking a look around the real estate market it's easy to see that there are many homes in Anchorage AK for sale. It is definitely a buyer's market for getting low prices and wide availability. But now, more than ever, buyers need representation from a Realtor.  Realtors in Alaska and Realtors throughout are here to protect you and remember our services are absolutely free!

You heard right. The buyer doesn't pay one red cent for the services provided by the realtor whether it's a first time home buyer or someone who already owns several homes in Alaska. Don't waste endless hours sifting through Alaska MLS listings and looking for homes that aren't right. Find a realtor who specializes in homes in AK and let that realtor do the heavy lifting of the house hunt for you.

Benefits Realtors in AK Bring to the Table

Realtors in Alaska have a lot to offer that goes beyond the basics of a home search. Locating houses in Alaska or elsewhere is just a small part of what they can do for you. There are many steps that go into purchasing a home like these:

••          Obtaining financing for a home loan

••          Making an offer on a home

••          Negotiating an offer

••          Making sure that home and other inspections are completed

••          Requesting / Negotiating necessary repairs

••          Making sure title is free and clear of liens

A realtor has a wide range of knowledge and experience to draw from that can be incredibly beneficial to you throughout the entire home buying process and not just for the purpose of locating a home.


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Sam Chapman
Lakeway, TX

If you have buyers, are they local or are you seeing relo buyers.  If they are moving to your area, why are they and where are they coming from?

Jun 06, 2011 09:48 AM