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Following up on a few of my last blogs on the surrounding Cities, what happened in Sunnyvale in the past 3 or 4 years?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here is the graph of average prices since 2006, both for houses, and for the group "townhouses and condominiums".

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In Sunnyvale it turns out that values as an average are still down about 11% from 2006 for houses, and about -15% for class 2 - condominiums.

These are averages, for the whole town of Sunnyvale, and a study of specific neighborhoods to see how they fared through the crisis is called for: not all areas went up or down in the same manner. I am thinking that the areas that have good schools probably did better, as is usual in other Cities.

As far as the price per square foot, here is the evolution, for houses:
and for class 2:
The trend is pretty consistent with the average prices of the first graph - though these graphs are only from 2008 on.

For specific areas let me know and I will try to find meaningful graphs and figures.

Thanks for reading!  --Francis

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