Merchant Card Processors...Which One Do I use?

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DocMurdock - September 2007 Newsletter

t's October,

Time for another edition of our newsletter. As we move more towards being an information resource for clients we wanted to catch you up on the goings on out on the net. What's new, what's exciting, and what you may want to be doing to get your website out there in front of many people. This issue we're going to cover MERCHANT PROCESSORS. Merchant Accounts, Credit Card processing...same thing under 1 newsletter.

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Merchant Processors -

Credit cards. We all use them. At least a few million every single day use them to purchase products, services, etc. Even those that say they don't and then go to the register and whip out that little Debit card from their bank when they go to pay they're using a credit card of sorts. In reality that's linked to their bank account or some other financial account allowing them to not spend the cash in their wallet right away.

When that transaction is made, it runs through a merchant processor. I have one of these that I use exclusively because they are the best at what they do, they charge really great rates and the provide excellent service. One thing that appealed to me about this company and for some of my clients is the fact that if you do NO transactions in an entire month, they don't charge you exorbitant fees. In fact the fee is so small you might laugh at it, or call them and say "Is this all?" It's true.

payQuake is the company I recommend for anyone wanting to process payments through their websites. These guys are awesome at providing high quality services for processing of Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover charges. Their system is fast, their people are friendly if there is ever an issue their customer support is nothing short of amazing. They are the only processor I recommend anyone using for their website credit card transactions besides Paypal.

Now, what about Paypal? Why not use them for everything? Well, besides the fact that their customer service is a bit hidden from view when you have an issue, there's no reason for you not to use them. They provide a great way of people paying you but they do charge for their service. It's not completely free contrary to popular belief. I will share something with you that not a lot of people know, Paypal pays some of the highest interest rates around for deposited money, even better than your local bank, so if you open a Paypal account, get their debit card, and then use it for all of your transactions, the money in your account is earning over 5% interest. Yes, that's right OVER 5%! Actually today the Paypal money market account is 5.05% at last check. So what's the issue? Nothing. Click the link below, sign up for your Paypal BUSINESS ACCOUNT, ask them to send you the Debit Card (it's FREE) and then move some money from your normal business account into their money market account and make that interest.

Once your account has been set up and verified (verification takes place over a couple of days where Paypal will deposit two small amounts of money into your bank account), you log into the Paypal site and click the verify button, put in those two amounts and you can then move money to and from the bank, add credit cards to use as payment methods, create buttons to use on your website where people can then click and put money into your Paypal account every day if you's a beautiful thing this Paypal. And the best part of it, it's secure.

*Note - Something to be aware of. Paypal itself will NEVER send you any emails which begin with the subject line of: Dear Paypal Member... Do not ever click anything in one of those mails, and they'll never ask you to go to a website to verify anything. They know your name because they have you in their database and Paypal is owned by EBAY.

Paypal is a great solution for people who need a fast way to accept online credit card payments from people. Your account can be up and running the same day and you can be accepting payments from people almost immediately. Some people have a stigma about paying via Paypal, so that's why it's nice to offer both Paypal and another form of using a credit card. That's where payQuake above this comes in handy. Some shopping carts such as KickStartCart offer you the ability to offer Paypal as a secondary method of payment.

This is nice because Paypal offers a Buyer Protection Plan for buyers. You can tell them about this and they will generally use Paypal. The best thing about Paypal is the money is instantly available to you. You can walk down to your local ATM and withdraw it there (up to $400.00 per day cash withdrawals) or you can purchase goods & services up to $3,000 per day, yes that's $3,000 per day using your Paypal DEBIT card. Think about adding this to your website today.

In closing, this is what you need to know about Merchant processors. If you have questions or would like to know more about payQuake, give Dan Dicosmo a call there at 480-813-4699, or you can call Paul Drainville (mention my name) at (866) 866-5520 x 1501 and either will be happy to assist you in getting set up with an account as quickly as they can.

To your success,

Michael Murdock, CEO

All information herein is Copyright 2006, Michael Murdock, DocMurdock, All Rights Reserved


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PayQuake sucks ding-a-ling and you know it.

They will eventually fail sooner or later, due to the horrible management of there business infrastructure.
I lost $5,000 per month for 2 month trying to get a simple problem sovled and could not even get in touch with no agent or customer support. would never even return my e-mails or phone calls in regards to my concerns and issues.

That like if you were gettin charged $100/per month for a cellular sevice that u dont even get service, and you can even get in contact nor response from any agent for 8 weeks.

&$#*@ GayQuake!!

Mar 28, 2008 07:42 PM
Michael Murdock
DocMurdock - Huntington Beach, CA

Mr. Yuan,

Am sure there's some people out there who would take your "GAYQuake" remark as offensive, but obviously that shows you have issues other than payquake. Might work on those too through

On the side of payquake, I can't say that I've ever had your problems with them. They've always provided great service, answered all questions and treated my clients quite well. I find it difficult to believe it took you 2 months to get support on matters unless you were dialing an incorrect number. I get less than 24 hour turn around on all matters and I am a small affiliate of theirs. So there's something wrong with this picture.

All that being said, I now offer WHOLESALE Credit card processing through a new company. You're welcome to fax a current statement to me at 877-333-7149, mark out any bank account information and let us know your website as well, we'll get you a quote together and provide you lower interest rates, transaction fees, etc than Payquake can.

In closing, Payquake does not suck. If they did, they'd be out of business. You had a bad experience which we can turn around, or you can jump ship and get the wholesale rates. Your choice. Let me know what you need.

Best regards,

Michael Murdock, CEO

Mar 29, 2008 08:25 AM