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FEMA trailers; good or bad?

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I am little behind due to being on vacation last week but I have recently read several stories about Cordova Alabama and their Mayor Jack Scott who refuses to allow the FEMA single wide manufactured homes to be placed in the city due to a current city ordinance which bans their use.  Being in the Real Estate industry for the last 14 years has allowed me to understand both sides of an issue like this where zoning regulations are required for cohesiveness in a community and thus in most cases help to maintain property values and establish neighborhood boundaries.  All of that aside where is the where is the compassion of the Mayor and the City Council when it comes to a community that was hit by not one but two tornadoes in a single day.

A close resemblance

While this is a really sad story and a tough situation that so many people have been put in it is further compounded by the fact that the Mayor felt it was a good idea to rub in the faces of his constituents by placing the Police Department, City Hall, a bank and a pharmacy into similar trailers as the ones that not being allowed for dwelling units by the many displaced and now homeless families in the Cordova area.

In most cases City ordinances are a good thing but once in a while the rules need to be bent for the good of the people.  





John Goodin


REVOKE Cordova Alabama's State Charter?


One solution is just file a lawsuit to ask the state to look revoking the cities charter:

Benefits: No state charter/revoked charter can mean:

City government effectively erased off the map.

Can't elect any city employees including Sir Jack Scott.

Can't collect taxes

Can't pass/enforce laws of any kind

Massive peer pressure from current city employees scared they will lose their jobs...


In other words get a massive drive going to get more voters registered and current voters off their duffs and literally pull the rug out from under Sir Scott and his cronies on the city counsel.

No charter = No City Goverment can exist....


Jun 08, 2011 12:16 PM
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