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How to Sell Your House - Allentown PA: When you try to sell your house you will come to a realization that it isn’t going to be easy. In most areas of the country you’ll have to show the buyers something different or spectacular to stand out from all the other houses for sale. If your asking price is competitive, that’s a good start. There might be something else you can do in addition that will give you another edge.

Give Buyers Confidence to Buy Your HouseTry offering a home warranty to your buyers. When you buy an appliance or anything that costs you considerable money, don’t you feel much better about buying when you know you can get the item repaired or replaced if something goes wrong? A home buyer has a much bigger commitment financially than those buying a refrigerator.The good news about these home warranties is that they are very reasonably priced. In most cases you can buy one for around $300. Be sure to look over the specific details of each you explore. Do some comparison shopping to see where you can get the most for your money.

Home warranties offer the buyer a way to have major appliances and systems repaired or replaced if they should break down after they’ve signed the contract, closed, and moved in to your house. A buyer who may be buying for the first time or is on a fixed income can be somewhat apprehensive of making the big commitment. They know that it might be difficult or impossible for them to pay for a sudden replacement of the heating system in the dead of winter or a roof replacement that costs thousands.Offering a home warranty to potential buyers could give you a bigger pool of buyers from which to sell your house to.

This can be a great advantage to you, especially if you are somewhat pressed for time or are in definite need of a buyer. Many people selling their houses do not offer any extra perks or bonuses to their buyers.Think of your buyers as though they were customers and you are the business owner. Stores are always coming up with clever ways to attract customers, especially in a down economy. You would do well to treat your home sale as something you are offering to customers who are looking to buy. Offer your customers something attractive to draw their interest and boost their confidence in what you are selling – your house!



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home warranties are a must now and keep the buyers from nagging ur seller afterwards.

Jun 22, 2011 04:29 PM