10/10/07-St. Marys, GA-HR 900, Tax Reform: The Not-So-GREAT plan

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HR-900 GREAT PlanI heard scuttlebutt about our property taxes going away and our sales tax increasing, so I went to the Meeting last night for HR-900, Tax Reform-GREAT Plan.  The GREAT Plan stands for: (Georgia Repealing Every Ad-Valorem Tax) Plan.  It took place at the Coastal GA Community College, Camden Campus Auditiorium, in Kingsland, Georgia and started approximately at 5:30 pm.  I was curious about how they are planning on getting rid of our property tax, and surviving solely on sales tax. I wasn't the only one, there was a good number of inquisitive tax payers in the auditiorium that were more than willing to ask questions and be heard.  What I got from it was that we would keep our 6% sales tax, however; only 2% would stay here and 4% would go to Atlanta, and they would decide how it would to be divied up throughout Georgia.   I don't know how to explain properly all the things that were put out, so that is why I am including links to take you to the appropriate places for the correct answer, or what has been put out at this time.

Tax Reform:  A Not-So-GREAT Plan

The Guest Speaker was Gwin Hall, and she was the Georgia Municipal Association Representative.  She was explaining the effects of HR-900.   She was very informative and forthright with putting out information.  To give you a little background:

HR-900 was introduced towards the end of the 2007 Legislative Session by Speaker of the House, Glenn Richardson.  The basic keys of the HR-900 is the concept of eliminating ALL property taxes, and local governments being made "whole" from the loss of property tax revenues by direct payments for the state.  Looking at this quest for a significant tax reform in Georgia, was quite interesting to me.  Is the GREAT Plan really Great?

It was brought to light by Gwin Hill & GMA that it has significant concerns about the Speaker's Plan:

  • HR 900 takes local funding decisions out of the hands of local citizens and places them in the hands of state politicians in Atlanta.
  • Cities benefit from a diversity of revenue sources. Diversity = stability.
  • The proposal fails to provide for emergencies and offers no solution to the $17 billion in capital needs over the next five years projected by Georgia's cities.
  • I have my opinions about this, however; there is nothing in stone yet, so it is very difficult to say if this would be a good or bad Plan.......  Here are some more links for you to go to.  Let me know what your opinions are so far, by emailing me at Barbara@StMarysMLS.com.  I will publish in my blog what others think of the controversy revolving around HR-900.

    Learn more about HR 900:

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