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Rot or not to Rot?

As the industry and consumers become more aware of problems that may exist in a home and how this impacts homeowner expenses and budgets, more lenders and potential buyers are demanding termite reports before closing on a home.

There is nothing worse than spending countless days searching for your perfect home, going through the sometimes agonizing process of contracts, lenders, appraisals and closing and then to find out months after your move-in that there are little wood eating insects that have infested your home.  Hopefully as an informed buyer, you hired a reputable inspection company that utilized a licensed pest control company to inspect your home and your new home is free and clear of these little nuisances. But, what is misleading to most homebuyers is that your potential home can FAIL a termite inspection without having termites.  Yes, a little thing called wood fungi/wood decay aka "wood rot."

Residential construction today requires cement block for a majority of the home, but there is still a significant amount of wood that comprises the structure and trim.  Whether it is your roof framing system, roof sheathing, door and window frames, patio structures or exterior trim, a sub-tropical environment has its affects on porous materials.  The facts are that wood fungi can have tremendous affects on the structural integrity and interior components of the dwelling.

BUYER BEWARE!!!  Some inspection companies DO NOT include this in their termite or comprehensive inspections.  As required by the State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Form 1145 (Wood Destroying Organisms Report aka Termite Report) as defined, "the visual inspection is for any visible and accessible evidence of damage caused by termites (all types), powder-post beetles, old house borers and wood-decaying fungi."  If an area is inaccessible, it is to be indicated on the form and a reason supplied why it was not inspected ie., under insulation, interior of walls, under duct system, etc.

Most instances are found at roof sheathing materials viewed from the attic space, at the base of exterior doors and corners of the fascia and soffit boards.  This is where moisture has penetrated the joints and has caused decay.  These are defects that when caught early, can be repaired before significant damage can occur to the interior portions or structure of the dwelling.  These repairs can be made by a local subcontractor typically within days of the inspection and a clean termite report can then be issued, therefore not affecting your closing date.  Rely on your real estate agent to negotiate with the seller who is going to take care of the repair bill.




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