Rainy Thursday in October 2007

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Nope, made you look again.  I know, Blogs are wonderful places for the self proclaimed experts to tell you their opinions of the market.  What makes it better is when they are (fill in the blank... right or wrong)  ________ , and you can say "See, I knew it all along."

"The real estate market, from a financial point of view, has some way to go before improving."  That's what you are hearing from the Wall Street crowd.  "The Real Estate market is not an area to buy and sell homes like commodities, but represents dreams and values of the American public.  It's a chance for Home Ownership," This is basically what the National Association of Realtors is saying.  Whom do you believe?

I would believe the Realtors.  Not just because I am a Realtor, but because it's true. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Countrywide, Bank of America, Hudson City, Wells Fargo and how many other lenders all offer access to the American Dream.  So much so that the same Wall Street doom and Gloom crowd started lending money at lower and looser requirments that helped the American Economy plow ahead for the longest Real Estate Expansion in history... and now it's present downturn.

mmmmm, Whom do I believe, whom do I believe?

Yep, Realtors. Why? They help people buy and sell homes. Realtors are your front line in knowing and following market trends.  Realtors are your friends, neighobors, and family members. No, they're not in it to make quick money and run when the market changes. Nope, they're here, and they're here to help you buy or sell your home.  I have 25 years experience and take as many training classes as I can every year, to do the best job possible for my customers and clients.  All trying to make the American Dream come true.

Not, increase your rate of return 3%-5%, or guarantee you no future payments on your annuity... no.  What Realtors do is help make the American dream obtainable.  Banks and lenders finance that dream, and the public  really does seem to want that dream to become reality.  I am sure you want a private yard to relax in, or your own space that you can call "Mine", right?  It's not something you look at every 5 minutes like a stock ticker, or interest rates on a CD.  It's something tangible and real.  Your Home, YOUR HOUSE, YOUR memories, Your dreams... it's what we, as Realtors do. 

So, in this short ramble remember that the real estate market as an economic vehicle has some rough roads ahead, but as a way to your dream home, this may be the best time to buy. 

If you are selling, please log into http://www.njhometax.com/ and see what your legislators are trying to pass to raise more money, on the sale of YOUR home.  It's an important informational site being offered and sponsored by the New Jersey Association of Realtors.


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