This Summer, See Green Outside and Inside Your Chevy Chase Home

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Summer Energy SavingsWhen considering how to save money on energy, homeowners usually think about their heating bills.  But there are energy savings to be had in the summer as well, if you know where to look. Consider these tips to reduce the warm weather energy bills of your Chevy Chase home.

Start with light bulbs. Changing from incandescent bulbs to Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) will not only reduce energy use but also save money on bulbs, since CFL's last many times longer. Summer or winter, unplug your appliances. Even when not in use, plugged-in machines draw power and increase your energy bills.

Placing insulating window wrap around any new windows is very efficient at keeping hot air out and cool air in, reducing energy loss around the window. In winter it works the opposite way, but still just as well. The Energy Star web site has information on available tax credits for these and many other types of energy upgrades. 

Most people don't want to air condition their attic or their yard, but this may be happening if you have leaky ducts or poor attic insulation. To lower your energy bill, inspect these areas of your Chevy Chase home and make any necessary repairs.

Window air conditioners keep a house cool, but not very efficiently. Consider switching to a newer option: portable AC units. As the name implies, you can move these units from room to room, cooling only the area you're in. They use an eco-friendly refrigerant gas and cost only from $300 to $500. The adjustable thermostat and 24-hour countdown timer will also reduce overall energy use.

For central air conditioning, it's more efficient to leave the unit on at a higher temperature during the day while you're away. Turning it off actually uses more energy as the unit has to work harder to cool down a very hot home. If you have a programmable thermostat, set it to turn down the temperature 30 to 45 minutes before you'll be home.  Also remember to regularly replace your air filter and get proper servicing.

When all else fails, turn on the fans! Because they circulate and move the air, the need for air conditioning can be reduced.

Remember that with just a little effort summer can be green both outside and inside your home--with a little extra green in your wallet as well!

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