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Well to start off I hate Roller Coasters. They make me sick, and I'm scared to death when you go all the way to the top of one of them, and there is that hesitation right before you plunge straight down to where you just know your going to die. And you scream out pure fear. Then when you make it to the bottom and your still alive you start the climb back up. Your half way back up, and the anxiety kicks in again and their it is your looking down again and away you go flying straight down and that's when it happens, you realize I need to get off this roller coaster ride.


And that's what the Real Estate business is all about. I love the Real Estate business. After, 30 years of riding the roller coaster,  I know when to get off and went to get back on. This time around the economy really made me sick.


My fellow Realtors, it's going to be a long ride, but it will get better. Just like the Roller Coaster ride it can be thrilling and adventurous. But also, know that when you hit the bottom your still alive and you will survive.   

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Joyce Gebhart
The Creig Nothrop Team of Long & Foster - Severna Park, MD

Great Metiphor!  I completely agree with this!

Jun 10, 2011 03:40 AM