Building relationships with confidence and Class on the Telephone Part One

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Building Relationships With Confidence and Class on the Telephone Part (1)

It’s no secret that we are all in the business of building relationships. Not that the concept is anything new! Network marketing success has always been and will always be about initiating, building and sustaining strong long-term relationships in this industry.

There are many areas I can and will discuss within this subject, but I thought I would begin with my personal favorite: the telephone! It’s “comfortable” and fun talking via email, chat, facebook, twitter , youtube etc. but what about taking that relationship into the “real world”?

Are You Comfortable On The Telephone? 

Rest assured, it is a very common issue to be a little uncomfortable. When I first started back in the 80’s I was scared to death! The old saying that “the telephone weighed a thousand pounds” was not too far off. Burning desire is a wonderful motivator, and as I continued to get better at it, and persisted, I became a pro on the phone. The only way I got good at it was to TALK TO LOTS, AND LOTS OF PEOPLE!!Now it has been over 20 years, 10 of that full time and sometimes I think it’s growing out of my ear!

Rule 1: Get yourself a good headset!! It makes the phone so much more enjoyable.

Rule 2: Get an internet chat headset for Skype, IM chats etc

Taking online relationships on to the telephone

Here are some tips that will make the transition smooth as silk, creating more results. After all, that’s what we are all looking for right? Results!

It’s all about one major thing CONNECTION.  Network Marketers sometimes get caught up in thinking it’s about getting their awesome “agenda” across, to the other person. I am sure they have an awesome agenda!!  We all do. There is a right time and a wrong time. Trust me, they will smell it a mile away, and the connection will not be made, or at best it will be a very weak one.

Think about when you have met someone recently on the telephone that has been from an online connection. What made it successful? I had one just the other day. This gentleman made a lasting impression in my mind. Why? Because he was not trying to sell me anything, or push his personal agenda on me. Instead he has offering his assistance with no strings attached, for as long as I needed him. He established a natural rapport with me, and took an interest in me. I felt no sense of time like he needed to go anywhere. He was open about himself, and willing to answer my questions. He also told me two or three unusual tid-bits about HIM, Inc. that would stick in my mind when we got off the phone so I would remember him!  It’s very interesting because the services of his particular company have been pitched to me by many people. He is likely to get my business at some point down the road, because he did  NOT attempt to SELL ME. Isn’t that funny how that works?

So let’s break it down:

1)      Establish a connection with your new relationship. Take a sincere interest in them, by asking questions. Allow time so that your new friend feelstruly important. There is nothing worse than being on the phone and feeling rushed when you are talking about something that’s important to you personally. If you ask an important question, open up the space to receive their important answer! LISTEN – BE ENGAGED – Take an interest by finding something to relate to in what they tell you. Look for and find common ground. Sometimes when I talk to people about something important to me, and they have asked the question…you can tell on the other end if they truly care or not by their response. So HOW YOU LISTEN, AND HOW YOU RESPOND has everything to do with how this initial crucial stage in your relationship process will go. Being a good listener is one of the greatest tools you can carry with you in life. If someone feels really listened to, they will be yours for life.

2)      Share YOU with your relationship. It’s really important that you take plenty of time to expose WHO YOU ARE with your new relationship, or potential business partner. Sometimes people are so busy trying to get their product offer out on the table that it drowns everything else out. “Salesman” ends up becoming the message flashing through the phone, instead of what you may not be meaning to say at all. It does not necessarily have to be personal. What I mean by who you are is this: Share something with them that illustrates what is important to you. What are your core values? Share what your mission is as a business, and what you are looking to accomplish. Perhaps tell them something about your marketing strategy, and what makes you different. If you get a glimpse of the heart of a person, aren’t you more likely to continue building that relationship than if that person just tries to cram something down your throat?  Boo Yah!! Oh Yes!! When you share your spirit with anyone, you make a permanent impression, like a handprint in cement. It’s there forever. This can unfortunately work in reverse. Enough said.

3) Ask Good Questions

Asking Questions is the #1 Communication Tool we all have as people that can strengthen and deepen all of our relationships. Some good questions would be:

What do you do?

What do you like best about what you do?

What Inspires You?

Who is your hero and why?

What’s your favorite pastime?

What was your greatest accomplishment?

You get the idea!! 

Asking questions will cause your conversation to go in all sorts of wonderful directions. If it goes quiet…ask another question! You will quickly get a sense if this person is comfortable talking about themselves or not. Most people love to talk about their favorite subject: “My Life” …but some are private. That’s cool. Just respect it and stick to the simple boundaries like work and Family. Stay away from politics and religion always. Not a good area unless they bring it up.

4) Posture 

This is something I learned many years ago from some of the best in the field of Network Marketing Prospecting Education, and Mindset, Jeffrey CombsLisa Kitter. If you want to pick up some awesome mindset training, I highly recommend both of them!!

Posture is one of the most critical aspects of your business and of building relationships bar none. You must hold an attitude that what you have is:  THE Most Awesome,  THE Goose That Laid the Golden Egg, And You MIGHT Let Them In On It If They Are Lucky!!!!

It may sound a little corny to say…but I dare you to look in your mirror and say “I am 10 feet tall and bulletproof!!” 3 times before you get on the phone, and see if you don’t feel a major shift in your energy.  Or watch the video on 40 leader speeches in 2 mins! ..Anything to inspire you!

It’s all about BELIEF. Belief in your company, belief in your product, belief in our industry, belief in the Internet, and above all else: BELIEF IN YOU,Inc. _________________Insert Your Name!

So it all comes down to a specific relationship process, that when followed with care can bring you great rewards. In Part 2 I will talk about exposures, and how you can take great pressure off yourself in presenting your product or opportunity, and bring big big results!


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Jun 10, 2011 05:56 AM
Jennifer Chiongbian
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Unfortunately, most people have lost the ability to interact on a human level versus annonymously via computer, text, etc.  I find that most of my clients that I have never met, don't want to speak to you on the phone!  Even if they give you their phone number, they don't pick up when you call them.

Jun 10, 2011 05:57 AM