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Tracking Skyland home values in South Lake Tahoe, CA since 2003

South Lake Tahoe neighborhood home values: Skyland prices up 22% over last year, but down 27% off Skyland market high of 2006.

We though it would be interesting to track South Lake Tahoe, CA neighborhood home values over time with this visual. As the chart above indicates, here are the median sold prices for the Skyland neighborhood since 2003.

 Skyland Housing Values :
Home values this year to date are 22.8% higher ($132,500) than they were for all of 2010 (based on the only two sales to date). Better news for home buyers who might be thinking in taking advantage of better prices, and historic low interest rates: Skyland home values are $267,500 lower, or 27.3% off what they were at the market high for Skyland in 2006.

Compared to the median sold price of all South Lake Tahoe, NV (aka "Stateline, NV") home sales this year, the Skyland median sold price is $117,500 higher, or 19.7% over the current 2011 median sold price of Nevada neighborhoods combined ($595,000). This difference makes sense when comparing a neighborhood with many high-end luxury homes to the median sold price of all South Lake Tahoe, NV neighborhoods combined.

Also note that the chart above indicates no median sold price for 2008. This is due to no Skyland homes, other than lakefront properties, which is a separate category in our multiple listing service, were sold that year.

Skyland housing demand in South Lake Tahoe, CA since 2003

 Skyland Housing Demand :

The chart above indicates housing demand, or the number of homes sold in Skyland by year since 2003. Note that as of today the number of Skyland homes sold this year is 25% of what Skyland demand was for all of last year. What this indicates is Skyland housing demand in 2011 may be less than what it was in 2010.

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