Buyers, Tomorrow May Be Too Late

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Is the information our buyers are reading and listening too really coming from professionals with  Real Estate backgrounds? I would gather to say NOT!   I like what Gary Watts, a real estate economists has to say.  HeBstresses  we are coming out of our down market and should be noticing some positive changes.    That's great!  Sharing this information with our buyers with hopes they understand is a whole different issue,  but  again, let's thank the media. 

 I emailed a great article to a client today, and stressed what a great time to "buy Up".  He sent a retort back from an economist stating the buyers should hold off until January, as the prices are still on the down swing. 

So Mr. Buyer waits until January, the time historically when most homes sale on average.  Great Mr. Economist, you just put our buyers into a competitive market situation where buy-up options are something of the late 2007!  Now who has the buyers best interest at hand? 

And don't get me started on interest rates.  Let's go back to the late  1980's and talk about high interest rates.  The way I see it, our economists have educated our real estate public into a frenzy.  People still need homes, but now they want them for nothing......that is until they become the owners!        

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