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Another favorite place in Asheville,NC--
The Grove Arcade.

Millionaire E.W. Grove believed in doing things in a large and luxurious way.  His dream for the Grove Arcade was an opulent indoor city, complete with skylights and spiral staircases.  He built some of it, died (as mere men are prone to do), and a partial dream was opened in 1929.  In 1942, this grand venue was comandeered by the govt., then restored and reopened in 2002.  the grove arcade, asheville, nc

We now have the privilege of experiencing the Grove Arcade--a completely unique restored mall in downtown AshevilleThe Grove Arcade is like an architectural art festival!  It houses some favorite Asheville boutiques and eateries surrounded by Renaissance decorations and Gothic geometrics. Grotesques and gargoyles stare at you inside and outside the Grove Arcade. Look for royal shields with Gothic arches and canopies above the windows near the elevator.  Be sure to look up at the Baroque ceiling and notice the Renaissance-inspired grapevine friezes at the East entrance.

No doubt, Asheville is a fascinating place--restored architectural gems, hidden waterfalls, green-living...  If you aren't here already, you should move here... or... look into investment property in Asheville, NC.  And here is another...

Home Buyer’s Tip:

How To Choose A Home:

You have a buyer’s agent, you've been pre-approved, and now you are ready to start shopping for your new home!  Your buyer’s agent will be asking you some questions: How many bedrooms/bathrooms do you want?  Inside the city limits?  Subdivision or rural setting?

To avoid stress and wasted time, you and your significant other should write down, separately:  

1) What you MUST have about your home (all one level...open kitchen...particular school district...)  

2) What is important to have.  

3) What you would like to have about your home.  

a meeting of the minds



Now, come together and have a meeting of the minds!  


While your minds are meeting together, look at your papers and focus on the items that you both MUST have and then, identify things that CAN be changed and things that CANNOT be changed. 


You cannot change that a particular property is not by a creek, but you can add wood flooring.  some things can be changedYou cannot change zoning regulations, but you can add another bathroom or change the heating system.         


Next, go shopping with your buyer's agent and note the changeable and unchangeable features of each home you view.  Regroup and get an idea of what it might cost to make any changes by using this great free online tool: costhelper.com.  Make sure you take these costs into consideration when you and your buyer’s agent decide upon a price to offer and the highest price you are willing to pay.  

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Li Read
Sea to Sky Premier Properties (Salt Spring) - Salt Spring Island, BC
Caring expertise...knowledge for you!

Nice post!   This looks like something in Milan...very "European" in feel.

Jun 14, 2011 06:37 AM
Terri Orr
Wilkinson ERA Real Estate - Charlotte, NC

Thanks, Li.  I had to look up Salt Spring Island--it looks like an amazing place!  My husband and I dream of visiting your part of the world someday soon.

Jun 15, 2011 03:48 AM