5 Things to Scare Away Any Potential Buyers

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1. Odors

Lingering odors such as cigarette smoke or pets will be one of the first things buyers notice upon entering your home. These first impressions can make or break a potential sale. You may have grown used to some odors in your home and therefore should ask someone who does not live there to give it a sniff. Make sure to completely get rid of these odors; don't just cover them up with sprays or perfumes.


2. Pets

Pets that are free to roam the house may frighten buyers and scare away those with allergies. Buyers may perceive the home as less clean due to the presence of pets.  Do not simply hide pets away in a bedroom or the garage as buyers will want to inspect all areas of the home. Remove the pets from the property if possible or keep them in crates for their own safety and for the safety of others. 


3. Dimly Lit Rooms

Dark rooms make a home seem smaller and less comfortable. These impressions can be a major turn-off for buyers. Try to brighten them up by letting in more natural light by removing heavy draperies or trimming trees that block sunlight and shadow the house. Also consider adding more light fixtures and painting the room a color that better reflects light. Finally remember to clean windows inside and out to let in more light. 


4. Dirty Rooms

Heavy traffic rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens tend to accumulate dirt and grime. These rooms also garner the most attention from buyers. Buy new towels, rugs, and curtains, scrub the floors, paint the walls, and replace any broken fixtures. These are the most important rooms in the house and if you want to sell, they have to sparkle.


5.  Bugs

Get rid of them, plain and simple. 

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