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Cornerstone Home Inspection; Waukesha County Home Inspection Problems Founds

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Some common problems recently found on a Waukesha County home inspection:


Basement moisture staining on foundation wall.  The house was vacant at the time and the downspout extension were not connected. 

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This is a different basement that was finished.  The house was vacant and water sat in the basement for a long period of time.  The result was the paneling was warped and fungal growth was everywhere.

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This is the same basement with the paneling.  The mold is very obvious growing on the drywall.

Waukesha County common home inspection problems, Cornerstone Home Inspection $259 single family w/ coupon

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When choosing a home inspector in Waukesha County price is important but getting the peace of mind knowing that you have selected someone you can trust for one of the most important purchases you will make gives you the confidence to know you are protected. 

We also offer:

Computer Reporting - All reports are now done on computer, adding pictures directly into the report giving you the most accurate information possible to make an informed purchase decision.
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Fully insured including liability, and Errors & Omissions with realtor referral protection.

A member of Inter-NACHI, NEHA-NRPP and the Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors.

Licensed by the State of Wisconsin. #2355-106

Call us at (262) 607-CSHI or visit our website at www.cornerstonehomeinspectionwi.com


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Waukesha County common home inspection problems, Cornerstone Home Inspection $269 single family w/ coupon


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