How far do you travel... how do you define a "Star Agent"?

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Let's start by defining "Start Agent". In Bold we were tought that driving anywhere across town to get your hands on a deal is ultimatley a waste of time in the big picture. But I have bills to pay today is the common objection and I can compleatley understand that. Like Cheech and Chong's movie, "Things are touigh all over"! I was just referred a listing in another part of town about 30 minutes away and I second guessed my acceptance of the opportunity. I want to focus my practice in a specific area and I find it too hard to pass up a great listing. My rule has always been 45 minutes of windsheild time no more. Less is better of course and with the information available out there I can really learn a neighborhood in about an hour as well. What do you say?

Matthew Johnson


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