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Georgia is a great place to buy mobile home parks. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a park in Atlanta or in the remote back country; there are parks for sale at 10+CAP. Investing in mobile home parks is an asset class that gets overlooked by many investors. This is partially because it is not a main stream investment like buying single family homes or even apartments but there is no denying that successfully investing in mobile home parks can be financially rewarding. For many the path of investing in MHP has grown from doing a few Lonnie Deals to owning the entire park.To learn about doing Lonnie Deal's, click here. The transition from owning a few mobile homes and selling them on terms is a great way to learn the business.

If you are seeking to get into the mobile home park business as an owner but would rather partner with someone at first, send me an email through the link on this blog. I may be able to find another investor who can JV in a park with you. Now if you are experienced and have already owned parks, then you know that proper due diligence is essential in filtering through what makes a lousy deal and a good deal. If you are in market to buy a mobile home park here in Georgia, I can help locate, evaluate and assist you with the due diligence needed. Being involved with brokering Georgia mobile home parks has allowed me to gain access to parks for sale that many times the public doesn’t have access to.

So depending on the amount of capital you are looking to invest, risk tolerance, location and other variables, I am confident in finding you the park that meets your investment needs. My diverse knowledge in different acquisition strategies can also help in acquiring parks you may have thought were “dead deals”. So if you are thinking of buying a mobile home park here in Georgia, please call me directly at 770-688-5448 or contact me by email below.

Eric Wanck is a real estate agent specializing in brokering mobile home communities throughout Georgia. He works with Nextage Peachtree Realty located in the heart of Buckhead on Peachtree Rd. You can reach him at 770-688-5448 or contact him at