save a buck, clean your own credit

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There are companies in the market place who offer to "clean" an individuals credit for a "fee". These fees can be substantial amounts. These companies also give a timeline as to how long the process can take to clean a report (can be up to 180 days). With 6 months having passed you too with some effort can achieve some dramatic changes. Do yourself and your client a favor, simply tell your client to write a letter to each bureau disputing the record, the bureaus have (30 days, pretty sure)to address the issue, if they fail to do so, the item should be removed. This is something anybody can do without paying for it. (If needed write additional letters to clear a given account).

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Rey Gallegos
Supreme Lending (NMLS ID #2129) - Las Vegas, NV
FHA, VA, Home Loans Las Vegas, NV

I agree with this to a degree.  Having cleaned up my own credit several years back it is a cumbersome time consuming process.  If you do not have alot to deal with it is not a problem.  However, if you have alot that needs to be cleaned up, let a professional do it.

Oct 12, 2007 08:44 AM
Douglas Bailey
Mortgage officer - Brandon, FL
Good point, when things do get really complicated, some professional help may be needed, for the most part though each of us has the resources to the work.
Oct 26, 2007 06:43 AM