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Fall River Neighborhood Associations are good for neighborhoods and home owners too!!

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Fall River Neighborhood Associations are good for neighborhoods and home owners too. My wife and I have owned our home in the Fall River Highlands for close to 33 years. We raised our three sons here and have become very attached to the neighborhood. I joined the Highland Neighborhood Association to become more active in protecting those things which make the neighborhood what it is. Over the years the association has given a voice to issues involving zoning variances, traffic, safety, litter, and street and sidewalk repair to name a few. The association gets the attention of elected officials since it's causes represents a consensus of a larger group of the voting public. These causes get recognized by officials easier that if individuals try to go it alone. 


The various Fall River Neighborhood Associations across the city have the ear of the mayor and his city department heads. The Mayor and the heads of his public works, legal, and representatives from the police and fire departments attended a recent Highlands Neighborhood Association meeting taking questions and listening to concerns. Each month a representative from the police department attends our meetings, taking questions and following up on specific concerns of the group.  These relationships often result in almost immediate attention to some of the everyday issues in neighborhoods. The City of Fall River website lists eleven Neighborhood Associations across the city and posts a calendar of meetings for each. Those listed on the website are: Niagra, Corky Row, Father Kelly, Flint, Maplewood, Bank Street, Highland, North End, Steep Brook/Far North End, Lower Highlands/Historic Downtown, Flint Merchants. The Copicut area has recently formed a group which is not yet listed on the city website.

Fall River Highlands

 The Highlands Neighborhood Association recently joined with the other associations across the city in organizing neighborhood clean ups. In our neighborhood volunteers cleaned up a 3 acre playground at a very visible intersection. The city supported the effort by providing trash bags and picking up the trash collected, and sponsoring a cookout at Kennedy Park afterward for the volunteers.


All of these activities help maintain the neighborhood and foster positive relationships across the community. A clean, safe, pleasant neighborhood is a place where people want to live and raise their families. This also helps protects property values and our investments!   So get involved with your Fall River Neighborhood Association today!

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