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Investment/rental homes in Gilbert, Arizona are flying off the shelves!  Just today I was driving arouond the neighborhoods of lovely Gilbert and couldn't wait to get back home to call my investor clients to tell them what I had found!

If you have been thinking of purchasing an investment/rental home in Arizona, NOW is the time.  Today I found a 3 bedroom/2bath home- built in 2004.  Completely remodeled with nice appliances, low maintenance back yard and even view fencing.  This home is priced at $129,000!  Rent can go for $1000 to $1150 per month- that, my friends is a gross ROI of over 10%.

Or, buy brand new for $150K- rent that home out for $1100-$1300 per month.  Get home warranties, new appliances and community pools. 

Investment/Rental homes in Gilbert are a great way to gain wealth through Real Estate.  Gilbert was recently voted one of the top 5 safest cities in the United States... and it is located next to Chandler which is the power house city - host of Intel, Orbital Sciences, Paypal and Ebay. 

Investment/Rental homes in Gilbert can be purchased with cash, mortgages- which, by the way are the lowest rates we have seen in years... or how about using that 401K money you have sitting around from when you left your last employer?  Self directed IRA money can be used to purchase investment/rental homes in Gilbert, AZ.

If you still aren't convinced, ask your financial advisor what guaranteed returns you can get from your stock portfolio?  My guess is that he can't touch what the Arizona Real Estate market can do for you. 

To receive a FREE list of availalbe invesment/rental home opportunities in Gilbert, Arizona with pictures- contact me via email or via phone 602-373-8469. 

Investment/Rental homes in Gilbert, AZ... the place to begin creating wealth through Arizona Real Estate!