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I was going to title this as a loan officer marketing post, but in reality, whether you are a loan officer, or a real estate agent, these tools need to be attached firmly to your "toolbelt."
Call Capture -A call capture hotline is a wonderful thing. Rarely will you find such a versatile marketing tool that allows you to capture leads, track performance, and even distribute information in such a flexible manner.

Why it works: Call capture works because of the mindset of the consumer. Any time information is made available 24/7, and (most importantly) without having to talk to a salesperson... Well, there's a winning combination!

Mistakes that cause failure: Take a quick look around and you'll find many mistakes that can kill a call capture marketing campaigns right out of the gate. Often I see real estate ads just "giving away the farm" so to speak. Price, address, all the details you could want are right there on the page for the buyer to read. With all the details there, this person has everything needed to make a decision, and there is no reason for them to call.

Marketing is about "dangling the carrot" a bit. Sure, give some useful information, but leave a bit of mystery while you're at it, or hint at something great they can learn by calling in now.

Next, I often see the call capture number posted as just another 800 number... This is a terrible abuse of the call capture line! The primary motivation to call is the ability to collect recorded information without speaking to a live party right? If you leave out the words: "Free Recorded Information 24/7″ then you're effectively cutting your calls in half or even worse! Ouch!

Overall, there are plenty of great things you can with a call capture line:

- Advertise listings - Market First Time Buyer seminars - Host teleseminars (Great for marketing to FSBO's) - Market special financing options - Host a 24/7 question hotline

See? With a bit of creativity, there's plenty of lead generating activities you can partake in. I'm sure you can easily double the size of this list. Just imagine what you can do with a blog, your call capture line, and a blank piece of paper... (I'm leaving that one to your imagination)

Make it a great one! I know it's turbulent out there, but it's critical that you let the news remain just that... The news, not a significant part of your day. It's easy to waste hours each day watching and reading, and discussing. But at the end of the day when it's time to pay the bills, which activities do you want to reap the rewards from?




Phil Leng
Retired - Kirkland, WA
Phil Leng - Retired

Hi Chris,

I found this post to be interesting and informative.

We are implementing a call capture system now



Jul 21, 2011 06:49 PM
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