My Fun Friday In Renton, WA

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I took a look at Localism today and to my amazement there was only one picture posted for the city of Renton, WA. After the shock wore off I decided to do something about it.

I went on an excursion! 

Because I had to run a few errands today anyway, I decided to multi-task. I took my camera with me and away I went. I had to go to Skyway first. Skyway is a suburb of Renton. Because Skyway is one of the highest points on the West Hill I took a few photos. From this vantage point there are exquisite views of Lake Washington, the Cascade Mountain Range, Mt Rainier, Downtown Seattle, Mercer Island and of course Downtown Renton!

Next I went to Rainier Ave to the parking lot of the Renton Chamber of Commerce. This parking lot also serves an an observation point for plane watchers. Just east of the chamber building is Renton Airport. Renton airport is attached to Being and serves as the airport for completed planes leaving Boeing on their maiden flight. It truly is amazing seing these big jets take off for the first time never to return to this airport again. Their first stop is the paint shop at some location north of Seattle.

Next I went to Renton High School. Renton High just underwent a major facelift and shines like a light. Because my freshman through sophomore years were spent at this school I felt compelled to take a picture for all to see. On the East portion of the high school is the Renton Ikea Performing Arts Center. Ikea donated this to the community a few years back and it serves a a major attraction for local performing arts.

After leaving Renton High I paid a visit to the downtown Renton transit station and civic center. If you know anything about "Old Renton" you know that the construction of the transit station and civic center was the beginning of the rebuilding of Downtown Renton. This place really gives Renton a downtown feel and look. Of course I took a few pics there too and off to the next location.

Next I went over to The Landing. This is where I will pick up on my next post after I have a chance to upload the pictures from this leg of my excursion.

Until then go to Localism, Click on the state of Washington, and click on Renton to see the pics from the first leg.

Today I Had a blast!!

Kotambu "KS" Shabazz

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Leslie Bloss, Bellevue Real Estate Professional
Bellevue, WA
Hi KS,  Good post and good effort--you will find that it will payoff.  Do you know how to put a picture in the beginning of your post?  I use
Oct 12, 2007 03:03 PM

Looking foward to seeing your pictures. I just wrote about The Landing - the first store opens Sunday - but haven't been to see how it's looking lately.


Oct 12, 2007 03:51 PM
Kotambu "KS" Shabazz
Quality Real Estate Services - Renton, WA
Renton, Real Estate Consultant

Leslie -thanks for that tip. I have a slide account but I haven't learned how to format my blog post to include pictures yet.

Lynn-I posted more pics of the second half om my excursion which included a stroll around the landing. i didn't make it to the grand opening though. Your blog on Renton is very impressive. I bow down to you oh Renton Goddess!

Oct 15, 2007 06:39 AM