5 reasons to choose a REALTOR who knows REALTORs

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5 reasons to choose a REALTOR® who knows REALTORs®

Posted on June 16, 2011 by Gail Spada

In a recent post we explained how vital it is for your REALTOR® to be a good listener and an effective communicator. Clear, prompt communication between a home seller and REALTOR® greatly increases the odds that your home will sell sooner and close to your asking price.

But there is another advantage to listing with an agent who communicates well with you; she almost certainly is communicating well with other REALTOR®s. And having an established, reputable real estate agent who has earned the trust and respect of a network of peers gives you a decided edge as your property competes in the local housing market.

This aspect of skilled communication takes a REALTOR® from good to great, and is essential to identifying serious home shoppers and closing a sale.

Consider these five reasons for choosing a well-connected and communicative real estate agent who can enhance the experience of both buyers and sellers:

  • Knowing the market means more than viewing the MLS. Agents who are in regular contact with other agents know about homes that are about to come on the market and the price range at which they will be listed. They also will know about the home's condition, its amenities, the neighborhood and perhaps even the seller's motivations and timetable.
  • Successful communication = successful negotiations. Once an offer is made on a home, you need a real estate professional who can evaluate the offer and give you sound advice about the counter-offer. But, just as important, you need a pro who can set a reasoned tone for delivering your response to the REALTOR® on the other end of the transaction. Being able to articulate and justify your counter-offer is critical to persuading a buyer or seller to accept.
  • Accessibility promotes accountability. One of the surest ways to sink a negotiation is to wait too long to reply to the other REALTOR® and his customer. A prompt reply demonstrates respect for your counterpart's interest and time, and is a clear indication you are serious about reaching an agreement. With all the gadgets we have these days to ensure speedy communication, there is absolutely no excuse for failing to transmit information to and from buyers and sellers in a timely fashion. Your REALTOR® should have contact information for other agents at her fingertips.
  • Secondary referrals are a primary goal. Just as your REALTOR® should stay in touch with other agents, she also should have a ready list of other professionals you may need to see you through the process of selling or buying a home. These trusted partners should include home inspectors, title companies, lenders, appraisers and repairmen, to name a few. When you contact these vendors and mention that you learned about them from a REALTOR who has already earned their trust, you're ahead of the game. REALTORs® who have not forged good working relationships within these professions are shortchanging their customers and limiting their ability to compete in the marketplace.
  • Get back to feedback: If you have ever listed a home for sale, you know the only thing more frustrating than not getting showings, is not getting feedback about the showings. Presumably, every listing agent will give you details about showings he oversees. But what can make you scratch your head is why you don't hear back from buyer agents who have brought visitors into your home. Proactive listing agents will make sure that every time the home is shown, they will follow-up with the other agent and obtain specific information about what potential buyers liked or disliked about your property. Armed with that feedback, you are better prepared to position yourself in the market and adjust for the next showing.

The bottom line is great REALTOR®s should be great communicators and capable of using their skills effectively with every person you encounter as you sell or buy a home.

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THE Gail Spada TEAM hopes you have found this information useful. Your feedback is encouraged. Until next time, please remember our pledge: When it comes to buying or selling property in Hernando County, we make sure ... it's all about YOU!

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Gail Spada's real estate career began 20 years ago when she attained her license as a New York State Certified Commercial Real Estate Appraiser. It didn't take long to discover her love for the industry. Gail has worked diligently to stay on top of her game, she is a Florida Licensed REALTOR® and has earned the following designations/certifications to include: GRI , ePRO, AHWD and SFR.

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