Dos and Don’ts for Buying a House in Roseville, MN

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Roseville, MN is a great place to buy a house and live! With good schools, good shopping and still a small town feel to many of the neighborhoods, it really has everything. Perhaps you’ve discovered this, and are now looking at homes in the area. If so, this article contains some tips on some “dos” and “don’ts” that can help you narrow your focus down to the perfect home. A few of them:

DO look at several homes before you buy.
I like the analogy of marrying the first person you go on a date with. Who knows – that could, in fact, be “the one”. But unless you really know exactly what you’re looking for, down to the very last detail before you start looking, you will likely be served better by seeing a few houses on the market to give you a more well-rounded perspective on what’s out there.

DON’T buy a house for its decor.
Sellers are doing their best to stage their homes beautifully – more now than before in this buyer’s market. A savvy buyers will look past the trimmings and be able to visualize how the home will work for them, their needs and their furnishings.

DO invest in a professional inspection.
You need someone who knows how to look for the hard-to-spot problems that could be lurking around the house you love. Someone who is more qualified than your brother or friend (unless they happen to be home inspectors!).

DON’T buy the most expensive home on the block.
Or rather, only buy it if it’s in fact your dream home. A house that’s vastly out of its neighborhood’s league (on either end of the price spectrum) will be hard to sell later. And while “selling later” may not be the first thing on your mind right now, you’ll be glad later that you spent a little time on researching the particular Roseville neighborhood market now.

It’s an ideal time to find a great house in Roseville, Minnesota! Follow the tips above and use a realtor who really knows the area!

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