Do you hate it when buyers bring a lender with them?

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I know there are alot of good lenders out there and I don't know them all, but I hate it when a buyer brings their own lender to the table.  I am not saying the lender is no good, they are just an unknown that I have to work with.

I have several good lenders that I have a relationship with, so if and when the deal hits stormy seas, my lender can assist and get things back on track.  I recently had a deal fall thru and my client lost $500 because of a worthless pre-qual letter.  On Jan 2011, North Carolina made a major change to the offer to purchase and put in a due diligence period that can come with a fee.  The seller wanted 500 for the time to check things out.  During this time, the buyer must also get loan approval and apprasials.  The loan was denied and the buyer had to back out.  If one of my lenders would have been used, I trust this could have been avoided.

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And people don't want to use our trusted partners because they think something is going on between us.

Well, something may be going on that saves a client hundreds of bucks.  If people only realized........

Jun 22, 2011 02:33 AM