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Sell House Fast - Union City GA: The propane tank is a necessary part of your home utility system. Of course it’s needed, but it certainly isn’t very attractive! That area beside the house where you keep your trash cans doesn’t look good. There’s nowhere else to put them, but you wish you could hide them somehow so the house looks better when buyers come to see the house.

Hide Your Unsightly Items Behind a ScreenThe answer may be as simple as a few pieces of lattice and a framework. This also works very well to hide the under porch area if your house is elevated above street level and has a porch with exposed under side. The lattice in that case can be hung on hooks installed under the porch for easy removal if you need to access that area. In the case of the propane tank or the trash can area, buy a few pieces of lattice in the size you need. It comes in full sheets and smaller sheets, too. You can buy it in redwood or fir, and there is also a plastic variety. Plastic is more moisture and animal resistant, but is more expensive.

If you are looking for a low cost way to hide the ugly spots in your yard, you can opt for the less costly wood.Measure out your area to see how many pieces you’ll need. Use 2 x 4’s to build the frames. Cut the lumber to the correct dimensions. You’ll frame the lattice in a very simple pattern. Just build a frame for each sheet as though you were building a picture frame. Staple the lattice to the back side of the frames. If you want to use less framing, you can create a frame for two consecutive pieces of lattice by using one stud on the left, one on the right, one on top and one on bottom.

Also put one down the middle onto which you will secure two pieces of lattice. Two pieces will usually be 16 feet long by 4 feet tall. Be creative and use as many ‘panels’ as you need to hide your desired area.Once the framed panels have been created, you can sink 4 x 4 inch end and corner posts into the ground, onto which you will hang the panels. The posts can be secured with quickcrete. Now use fencing hardware or hinges, depending on how you want to use the panels, and secure the panels to their posts.

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Patrick Harvey
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I think burying the propane tank is the very best option. I had mine buried a few years ago and it made the yard much larger! The latticework you put around the tank will need painting and maintenance, and if there is a fire, it is a bomb ready to go off. My property was in the area of a wildfire a few years ago, and while the propane suppliers told me the tanks would not explode, I saw many which did exactly that. Tell you what, though, if they are buried they will stay cooler and while they might put out some flame, they are far less likely to explode if they are buried!

Jun 20, 2011 01:25 PM