Five Things That Can Help Sell Your Blaine, MN Home

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Interested in selling your home in Blaine, Minnesota? You likely know the importance of pricing your home correctly for the market and your area, and have taken care of major repairs and decluttering. But some other surprising factors can help sell your home, as mentioned in this article:

1. Neighbors
We all know that bad neighbors can be bad news for selling a house; their unkept landscaping and old rusted lawnmower in the yard can be a turn-off to potential buyers. But conversely, they can be a huge asset as you sell. Your neighbors have personal motivation to secure good neighbors. They may know people who are looking, and/or they can help sell browsing buyers who have questions about the neighborhood.

2. Sensory Appeal
It's easy to overdo it in this area, and it's also tricky - the same scents don't appeal to everyone. But it's a fact that perception is based on input from all the senses, so that smell of lilacs or cookies in your home might be a tiny factor that makes your home more memorable than others to buyers. Visually, make the best use of light and natural surroundings that you can - open curtains, make the house smell and look fresh and natural.

This is an interesting point, and one that I would rarely agree with. In most cases, having a pet or even evidence of a pet around is a bad idea due to allergies and people's perception of the damage that pets can do to homes. But if your home is an ideal location for pets (great fenced-in yard, near parks and trails, etc.), then showing evidence of a happy pooch may be attractive to pet-owning viewers. I like the idea of one well-placed happy photo (preferably featuring your yard rather than your couch) more than the physical presence of your actual dog, though!

4. Your Contagious Love for the Area
We spend so much time talking about the importance of de-personalizing your house and making it "neutral" for buyers to view through their own eyes. But it's also true that well done well, showing how much you love your house, your neighborhood and your city can have a positive effect on a potential buyer:

"I’ve seen sellers help buyers see their homes through their own loving eyes by posting videos on YouTube and including the link on the listing flyer or even by putting a binder containing a letter plus menus and flyers from their favorite neighborhood restaurants, dry cleaners and other local merchants out on the counter during showings."

So...what do you love about your house? What do you love about living in Blaine, MN? What summary could you put together extolling the virtues of the area? It might be just the thing to help Buyer A visualize herself living in your home.

5. The Freeway
In the past, the phrase "Convenient to _____ (insert major highway here)" was often met with laughs; definitely spin put on what was otherwise an unattractive feature to potential home owners. Today, however, the rising price of gas means that physical proxmity to major thoroughfares and local shopping is much higher on buyers' priority lists! So don't be afraid to talk about how easy it is to get to Minneapolis, downtown Blaine or even Target from your house!

There are many small factors that, when put together, can add up to the quick sale of your Blaine, MN home. It's always worthwhile to explore all of them!

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