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Sell House Fast - Martin County FL: When you are desperate to sell your home due to foreclosure, you’ll find lots of predators out there who would love to ‘help you out.’ You must be aware that with every disaster that occurs in the US, there are less than honorable people that will do their best to take advantage of the situation for their own personal gain. Unfortunately, when you are reaching out for help, you might believe things that you would normally see as red flags.

Mortgage Foreclosure Rescue ScamsThese scam artists are nothing more than modern day con men that have no scruples or concern about you and your family’s plight. Losing a home is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a family, and the scammers are waiting in line to grab up your house and take your title under the guise of paying off your bank. What many people are finding is that they sign over their home to the ‘rescuers’ with the understanding that they can stay in their home and pay a form of rent to the rescuer. The rescuer is then supposed to use that money to pay the bank mortgage down.

In reality, the rent money is collected from the homeowner with none of it going to the bank and the marshal comes to serve the eviction notice eventually. This comes as a big surprise to the homeowner who believes that things are being taken care of, but the foreclosure continues on until the end and eventual eviction of the homeowner. This sounds almost hard to believe, but it is happening all over America. If you find yourself in dire straits and would like to sell your home to a legitimate real estate investor for a quick sale, be sure of whom you are dealing with.

The scam artists tend to hit an area and are gone in short order. Real estate investors that can be trusted have longer term reputations within the community. They may belong to the local real estate networking groups or the chamber of commerce. There will be an office and a good phone number where you can reach them. Being pressured to sign paperwork with only vague details about what you are signing is a sure sign that you may be talking to a scammer. You should be given an offer, a complete explanation of what to expect and how to interpret the paperwork, and should never be pushed or rushed into a confusing deal.


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