Why this is the best time to buy or sell in Placentia, CA

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If you are a buyer or a seller that is on the fence and waiting to see what happens with Placentia, Ca real estate market, I can tell you that the waiting is over.  I will give you what I call my "6 Secrets" of why now is the time to buy or sell a home in Placentia:

1. If you are looking to buy a home in Placentia, Ca you will be getting the best of both worlds:  interest rates at an all time low and home prices that are no longer inflated (market prices).  This is very uncommon, throughout the history of Real Estate in Placentia you could probably get somewhat low interest rates (never as low as today's rates) but high prices or viceversa.

2. The American dream is to own a home.  And to many of us owning a home in Placentia, Ca is a great investment in ourselves and our family's future.

3. In order to buy a home most Americans need mortgage financing.  Today's mortgage industry is still very inclusive to a high percentage of the population looking to buy in Placentia. Although rules are somewhat more strict than back in 2006 (mortgage meltdown era), there are still many loan programs backed by the Federal Government that allow home buyers to get into a home with a very small down payment.  There are loan programs that can get you into a home with as low as .5% down payment and if the seller is willing to help with some of buyers closing costs, you can get into a home with very little initial investment.

4. If you are a seller this a great time to sell your home in Placentia, Ca.  Although we are pretty deep into spring and summer is just around the corner, most buyers with school age children are looking to buy a home in Placentia before the new school year starts.  Also housing inventories are not at a saturation point so if you price your property right and you hire the right Realtor (Me), your home should sell before summer ends or even sooner.

5. On number 3 I gave you the good news about today's mortgage industry, here comes the ugly news.  Our U.S. Congress is going to debate a new law which in their mind curb the amount of mortgage delinquencies and mortgages will have less risk factors. What this means is that since the Federal Government is presently buying most mortgages in the secondary market and in the mind of some Congressmen Real Estate is on the right track, they want to buy back mortgages with lower risk factors.  If the law passes many low down payment programs will dissapear, debt to income ratios will be more strict (presently Fannie Mae allows a Debt/Income ratio of 45% if new law passes this ratio could be somewhere around 31%).  Bottomline to you the consumer on the fence to buy a home in Placentia, is that if your financials do not fit in the new lending guidelines your dream of buying a home will go up in smoke. 

6. Buyers and Sellers in Placentia, Ca all we have is today, if you are serious about selling or buying today is the day.  Tomorrow is a promise and we really don't know what that promise is. The past is history. Don't wait anymore act today.......


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