Floor Plans & your furniture

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New home buyers sometimes have a hard time visualizing the layout of furniture in their new home.  Will my furniture fit in the great room, family room or will my large bedroom furniture fit in the master bedroom, what about my dinning room set how will it fit in my dinning room?  Seeing your furniture in a floor plan of the home you want to build (birds eye view) can help you see what the layout is going to look like with  the placements of the doors and windows and isles.  This can help you decide if the rooms are going to be big enough or if you need to expand a wall here or there.  Having worked with Auto-Cad 2000 I can draw up a room and given the dimension of the furniture I can put it together for you so you can plan ahead as to the size of the rooms you may need.  Depending on the Microsoft® Word program you use I can transfer this program into Word and email you the layout in a word format and you can literally move the furniture around with your mouse or the arrow keys rotating and dragging to a new position.  For those who have a problem with word or do not have word, I always have two copies that I email of the floor plan.  One with the furniture in it and the other without the furniture.  Then you can print and cut your furniture out like paper dolls and use them on the layout without furniture in it and move things around the way you like.  For a sample of this program go to links (to the right of this blog) and click on "SAMPLE FLOOR PLAN WITH FURNITURE." For more information call Rod At 402.660.9030 or email me at rodsells@grr8homes.com

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