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KTAR's News Talk Radio, Bruce St James told his listeners in 2010 he was going to "Walk Away" from his home. He was upside down and had no other Choice. His lender did not want to help him!

His lender would not help him and he was telling his listeners every day, I will simply Walk Away!

One REALTOR, Marge Peck of The Peck Team,  sent him an email and explained, he had CHOICES and should know what they were. Everyday he was telling his listeners the only choice he had was to "walk away" and let the property foreclose! It could benefit his listeners if he knew the Choices he really had in addition to simply walking away and allowing the property to foreclose! That was a choice, but was it the best choice for Bruce....and all his listeners! It was the only choice Bruce thought he had!!!

Two days later, Marge was invited to participate on the air with Bruce - He did not have to take many listener calls, as he personally knew the questions that were on all his listeners minds!

Since then, Bruce has his home listed with The Peck Team and promotes everyone to give her a call at 480-CHOICES!

Please take the time to view the panel of experts that sat with Bruce to answer additional questions at a later date. Simple click KTAR Short Sale Expert Panel Interview.

If you are current on payments, behind on payments, struggling with what to do with your home, feeling like you are living on the TITANIC, it is time to give Marge a call. Call 480-CHOICES today and set up an appointment for The Peck Team to come and show you your CHOICES in todays market.

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