The Fremont Jail is a model facility for posting bail bonds & efficient operations

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The Fremont Jail is a small detention facility located at the southern edge of Alameda County and is operated by the Fremont Police Department. Typically, this facility will hold a small amount of arrestees from Fremont for up to 72hours or until the arrestee's first court appearance before they are shipped off to the Main County Jail. The nice part about community jails like Fremont is their ability to operate efficiently because they are not overwhelmed by volume.

A perfect example of how the Fremont Jail operates efficiently is how quickly they process bail bonds and release inmates. In most cases once a bail bond is posted at the Fremont Jail, the arrestee will usually be released within 30 to 45 minutes. Compare this to a large facility like Santa Rita, where the release time is 6 to 8 and sometimes 12 hours, and you'll see the huge benefit of community jails like Fremont.

Tapout Bail Bonds has longtime local agents in Fremont that understand this community and how the jail operates so that they can expedite their clients release. Should you need a bail bondsman in Fremont, please trust in Tapout Bail Bonds to get the job done right!

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