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Legal descriptions are used to describe property in a way that uniquely identifies it from any other parcel.

A legal description is so specific that given only the legal description, a surveyor can locate and identify a given parcel.

          There are five additional purposes of surveying property and developing legal descriptions for   each parcel:

1.Current and accurate boundary information required to write a legal description is obtained.

2.The exact quantity of area within a described tract, whether it is described in square miles, acres, or square feet, is established.

3.Boundaries that may have become lost or obliterated are reestablished.

4.Data required to divide a large tract into smaller units for development and sale are obtained.

5.Identify and describe encroachments, if any.

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~P. Stone, RRES

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Barb Van Stensel
Chicago, IL

This is such a good post as I used to have to do legal descriptions by meets and bounds.  I am originally form Michigan so, that pretty much says it right there.  Not too many know how to work a legal description in the industry.  Something that comes in handy just every once in a while but makes you shine for your client.

Jun 26, 2011 07:56 AM