Does your Utah Real Estate Agent Reccommend an Infrared Home Inspection

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Does your Utah Real Estate Agent Reccommend an Infrared Home Inspection


Thermal imaging is currently recognized as the most effective of all building diagnostic procedures ever preformed. Infrared technology has revolutionized the home inspection industry. It identifies heating and cooling loss, faulty wiring, air/water leakage, condensation problems, damaged or insufficient insulation, plumbing problems, and the list goes on an on.

Thermal imaging has been in the home inspection industry for nearly 10 years now. Why haven't you heard of it and why isn't it provided with all home inspections? Because Realtors are scared to death of it and want inform their clients about it. That's the cold hard truth. Infrared home inspectors are labeled as "deal killers" amongst most real estate agents, but only those agents who have never given the technology a chance.


Utah Infrared Inspections thermal Imaging home inspector


Many home inspectors want invest in over $10k+ worth of technology when they know Realtors will no longer refer clients to them in fear that they may uncover TOO MUCH information about the home. The funny thing is that we continually save far more deals than the typical non-infrared inspectors. Often times problems aren't as bad as they look. There's been many potential buyers walk away from their dream-home due to UN-necessary fears that could have been removed with thermal imaging technology. It's not what an investor knows about a home that scares them away, it's the worry of not knowing!


Utah Infrared Inspections thermal Imaging home inspector

The use of a Thermal Imaging Camera in a real estate transaction helps everyone involved. The client or potential buyer gets the most information possible about the true condition of the property. This allows the buyer to make an educated decision based more on facts than emotion. The agent and home inspector both benefit because they have provided the buyer with as much information about the property as possible. There is a much smaller chance of problems popping up after the buyers have moved in. This means the buyer is happier and will remember who helped them get there. This translates into more referrals and both home inspectors and real estate agents benefit.


Ogden Utah Home Inspector using thermal imaging during inspections

At Utah Infrared, we make a point to expose clients to the positive results shown by the Infrared Inspection as well as any defects. A client needs to feel safe, secure, and satisfied when making a real estate transaction and a quality Infrared Inspector can play a MAJOR role in providing those feelings. A home inspection is more than pointing out defects, it's educating the buyer on the entire home both good an bad.


Utah Infrared Inspection used for mold and moisture intrusion


The bottom line is Thermal Imaging has now grown in a HUGE way and it's here to stay. In the near future every home inspection company will have to use IR equipment as the demand continues to rise. Some are slow to change with the times but the change is inevitable. For now the key is to find a quality real estate agent and a quality Infrared Inspection Company that is not only invested in themselves but proves to be invested in you.


Utah Infrared Inspections thermal Imaging home inspector


Utah Infrared Inspections guarantees the most advanced, in-depth, and informative home inspection report in the State of Utah. If your using a real estate agent who is committed to providing you with the best services available than they will definitely recommend an Infrared home Inspection. If they don't than we know plenty of quality Utah Real Estate Agents that can in-fact ensure you the best services avaliable.


Utah Infrared Inspections thermal Imaging home inspector


Comments (3)

Krista L. Walker
Coldwell Banker Pro West - Medford, OR
Oregon- Homes & Real Estate for Sale

I always prefer the most detailed inspection too!   What is the cost difference in your area?

Jun 27, 2011 08:01 AM
Brandon Clark
UTAH INFRARED Home and Building Inspections - Ogden, UT

That's good to hear Krista! As far as cost goes, I charge the exact same as my other local inspectors. I provide the thermal imaging as an extra benefit without any extra costs. I just don't feel that additional fees should be charged for something that should be included to begin with. The average inspection runs about $329.

Thanks for your comment!

Jun 27, 2011 08:34 AM
Gary S. Thompson
RE/MAX Masters - Cottonwood Heights, UT
Broker Associate, Realtor, CRS, SRS, SFR, e-Pro

Hey Brandon, do you have any idea what the ratio of buyer's backing out when they see this kind of report as opposed to a standard home inspection? As I look over some of your pictures I am seeing that it looks like a lot of additional information that may have cause for remediation of some kind. 

Jul 01, 2011 04:42 AM