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      Lockmar Homeowners......First Impressions......The Exterior of Your House.....Get it right the 1st time

     Did you know that a first impression can actually make or break the sale?  Its important to make sure that the first impression is a good one.  Choose some of these helpful pointers and it will give the exterior of your property "curb appeal".

  • Make sure that the sidewalk and front walkway is swept and free of weeds.   Repair any broken or cracked areas of the walkway.   Remove any debris and make sure that there are no obstacles to your house.
  • Cut the grass and trim the shrubs and keep it cut weekly.  Flowers can really make your home look cheery or place a few potted flowers out front.   In the fall, rake the yard free of leaves.   Hoses should be coiled up and out of the way.
  • A freshly painted white fence can really freshen the entire landscape.   Don't forget to check the gate.   It should easily open and close, and hang properly on its hinges.
  • Make sure that your mailbox is in good repair.   A quick painting can really improve the look.   Street numbers should be added to make your house easy to locate.
  • A fresh paint job on the house is ideal, but if you don't want to spend the extra money make sure that the exterior is clean and free of dirt.  You might consider a fresh coat of paint on the trim and shutters.
  • If you have a porch, make sure the corners are swept free of cobwebs.  Sweep the flooring and clean out any light fixtures.
  • Clean the windows to make them shine on the inside and out.   Check your screens and make sure that they are clean and in good repair.
  • The doorway should be freshly painted or at least cleaned.   Make sure that the doorbell works.   Clean out the light fixtures and replace any bulbs that may be out.
  • Check your gutters and downspouts.   You might consider replacing any that are in disrepair, especially those in the front of the house or other highly visible areas.
  • The roof can be one of the most important aspects of the exterior.   Replace any broken or missing shingles.   Remove leaves and branches from top and paint the trim.  If the roof is old and needs to be replaced, consider having the work done before showing the property.
  • Don't forget about the driveway and garage.   Both should be well swept and free of clutter.   Hang any items that you can on the wall.   Other items should be on shelves.   You might want to have a garage sale to clear out excess items. Make sure you donate leftover items.  
  • Selling your home is like having company everyday of the week! Prepare daily for your buyer

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