Staging Your Shoreview, MN House to Sell

Real Estate Agent

If you’re thinking about selling your Shoreview, MN house, one of the most important things you need to do is something you can’t do: view your house from a detatched, unbiased perspective. Your real estate agent is someone who can help you make important decisions about the price of your home, and a stager is someone who can help you make good decisions about how to present it.

Just as you can sell your house without a real estate agent, you can present it to buyers without the aid of a professional stager. But the numbers don’t lie: you will sell your house faster if you have professional help in doing so.

Staging is not cleaning, painting and decluttering your house. That’s where you start, and those are things you can and must do. Staging takes place after the house is basically cleaned out and depersonalized. It’s all about dressing the house up for sale, and creating a mood, even some illusion. Stagers will often use “props” – furniture that they bring in that will fit the room well, make the house feel warm and inviting, and give the impression of warmth and brightness. In short, a staged home will feel more inviting to buyers. As one professional stager puts it:

“A Professional Home Stager looks at your home thru the buyer’s eyes. We want to emphasize the great attributes of the home. We look at the house with fresh eyes. Our goal is to show your home as large and bright as possible so the buyers can envision themselves living there.”

First impressions are critical in selling your Shoreview house. The right price will get buyers to you for a showing, but they need to leave with a good feeling about the house, and much of that is an intangible that a home stager knows how to create.

Staging your house is not as expensive as you might think. You’ll be responsible for a consultation fee, which varies among stagers, and the cost of any rental furniture/props. As the article puts it, the cost of staging your home is likely far less than the price reductions you will generally end up with if you don’t use a stager. Good staging is a key marketing technique that will help sell your Shoreview, MN house quickly!

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