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Mastery Business Plan in Vegas November 2011

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As a partner of Mortgage Success Source, we get to offer you $150 off your Mastery Business Plan! Discount code is MORSYSTEMS Don't miss out this year, be armed with YOUR business plan for 2012 and act on it! The MorSystems Team Mastery Business Plan:
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Mastery Business Plan

A special offer just for you...

As a proud partner of Mortgage Success Source, I am so excited to bring you a special rate for their annual life-changing event!

Mastery Business Plan is an industry event like no other. Attending will transform you to meet the challenges ahead, reach new horizons and be the professional mortgage loan originator who thrives in this new environment.

It's for winners...just like you. I'm sending you this note because I would like to see you attend Mastery Business Plan.

This is an important time to get together with other winners, who want to do everything they can to be top-performing mortgage professionals. And best yet I negotiated a special discount just for you. Use my personal DISCOUNT CODE MORSYSTEMS to save $150 off the regular price!

What's in store at the event? Check out the video below to discover more about what is planned!

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Sue Woodard, President, Content & Publishing, Mortgage Success Source

Highlights include:

  • This year's Business Planning Workshop is all new, with an exciting format designed to foster greater networking with your peers is guaranteed to drive your success in 2012.
  • A special two-part session with Tim Braheem on what it takes to succeed, the shift you MUST make, and the psychological mindset that ensures your success.
  • How to transform yourself and your business with real life, hard-hitting, actionable insights and guidance from master salesman Jeffrey Gitomer.
  • Revolutionary networking concepts to accomplish your biggest dreams in ways you never thought possible with Bob Beaudine.
  • Sessions ranging from Presentation & Selling, Social Media, Hall of Fame Roundtable, Faculty Mash-up, an IDEA slam, and plenty of networking opportunities to add to your experience.

To learn more about Mastery Business Plan and to register, please visit www.MasteryBusinessPlan.com or call Ryan at 1-800-963-1900...and don't forget to use my personal discount code, MORSYSTEMS. See you there!!

P.S. Register for Mastery Business Plan today and use my Personal Discount Code MORSYSTEMS to get $150 off the regular price. Or use my Personal Discount Code MORSYSTEMS when you call Ryan at (800) 963-1900.