Home Buyers Are Looking For Places to Call Home for Years to Come

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These days a number of people who want to buy Maryland real estate are not looking to get into a home and the sell it in a few years. Instead, they are looking for a home that is in a neighborhood where they can see themselves spending a decade or more. People are looking at real estate as an investment, but not the kind of investment that you can flip quickly; instead home buyers want to invest in themselves and in a neighborhood. 


Staying in a house for at least five years has been a general rule of real estate, but during the heady times of the housing boom, people felt as if these kinds of rules did not apply. There was a feeling that real estate could be bought and sold at will and that there was lots of money to be made.


While no one sets out to lose money on a real estate purchase, today's home buyers are not thinking of buying a home as a ticket to easy money. Even if they do end up taking out a home equity loan in the future, people are not buying homes so they can borrow against them.


Mentioning neighborhood amenities is a part of selling Annapolis real estate and it is more important now than it has ever been. Because people plan to stay for awhile, they want to know that the place they are buying is either already a thriving community or on its way to soon becoming one.


It was not that long ago that people were looking to buy up property that they hoped to make a profit with quickly. Now prospective home buyers, whether they want to raise families or not, are looking for homes where they can stay in for years to come. 



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