Positive Action Changes Everything

Real Estate Agent with CityScapes International Realty Group


It would be my pleasure to help you in anyway to secure the right real estate investment you are looking for in this Buyers Market.

I work with a lot of aggressive investors, and  what may not be so surprising is that there are a lot of investors that are spinning off their inventory because they are unable to cover the mortgages on their properties.

Timing is everything, and if you are looking to buy low, now is the time!

I'm a Certifited Interntational Property Specialist and would be glad to help you find some excellent opportunities in the Carribean Basin or the Pacific Rim where there is a great opportunity available.

Properties in Cannada are a worthy consideration, along with throughout the Northern States, of Oregon and Washington.

China is growing as an industrial powerhouse and the opportunities there are immense.

Costa Rica, Panama, Guatamala, and the Dominican Republic have excellent growth pothential for you.

Please let me hear from you and allow me the opportunity to find that dream deal for which you have been searching.

My website is www.joeglasgow.com and my cell phone is 941-228-3538

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