Study These Trends to Sell your Grand Avenue, St. Paul House

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Want to sell your Grand Avenue, St. Paul house? You would be well-advised to study recent buyer trends when it comes to home priorities. Ron Phipps, president of the National Association of Realtors, lists several noted trends that show what buyers are looking for. Some may surprise you! Among them:

Homes in Good Condition
This may seem like a no-brainer; everyone wants a home in good condition, right? The point, however, is that fewer and fewer buyers are interested in DIY fixer-uppers. They want homes that are ready to move into, with all necessary repairs completed, and completed well. As Phipps notes, “They have enough money to buy but not to buy and improve.”

Kitchens and Baths
These are always extremely important rooms in the house, but buyers of nicer homes are now looking for and expecting extra touches – granite counters as a baseline, his & hers vanities in master baths. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you can’t sell a house without these things, but it points to the level of quality and luxury that buyers are able to expect and demand in the current market.

Energy Efficiency
In a previous blog, I talked about how being near the highway was no longer necessarily considered detrimental to the value of a home, and in fact could be a perk to many buyers due to the rising cost of gasoline. By the same token, energy efficiency in homes is much higher on the mind of buyers than it was ten years ago. A higher awareness of the importance of taking care of the earth’s resources is certainly part of it, but even higher on the list of priorities for many buyers is the need to take care of their financial resources – an energy efficient home with good windows and a good furnace will save them thousands of dollars in the long run. Less is More Coinciding with this desire for energy efficiency is a smaller focus on functionality in the home. A formal living room is not high on the priority list of most buyers. But a home office is becoming a must for many. Consider how you market your house in this regard, and/or how spaces in your house could be reconfigured for more flexible usage. Homes in a sought-after neighborhood like Grand Avenue are reflected more in this list of trends than other areas of St. Paul might be. Buyers looking in your area are looking for little touches of luxury in their homes. By making a few appropriate changes, you can better position your Grand Avenue house to appeal to buyers and sell quickly.

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