How is the real estate market doing in the Twin Cities?

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"How is the real estate market doing in the Twin Cities?" is a question I hear almost daily now... it's almost as if people want me to talk negatively about the market. I have always stood by the quote "if you don't like what you are seeing change the way you are looking at it" or "change the way you look at things and the things you look at change" You get the idea, maybe a Wayne Dyer quote?

Twin Cities Average Sale Price of 7 county Metro Area

The market is bad for who... certainly not buyers! The market we have now is an opportunity for people to buy homes that have never been "in" the market in 40 years. In fact the affordability rate right now is about 14%, that's 14% of the median income used for the purchase of a median price home.... pretty sweet! The peak of the market in 2005 was about 23% and in 1981 when the average interest rates were 16.63% affordability was around 36%! At the end of the day, home ownership is still the American dream and it does not get any better than this! If you are considering it in the next 5 and intend to keep it for at least 5 years... why not today? Enjoy the 4th and be safe!


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