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Today I got an email from someone in California asking for help with her foreclosure. She found me browsing Active Rain and ran across a post I had submitted regarding foreclosures. I must say I was kind of shocked because I thought it would have taken months to build up an "online reputation" through consistent blogging before I would've ever gotten a client from my blogging efforts. It took almost a week to the day!

I'm a Real Estate Agent & Loss Mitigation Consultant in Renton, WA. I never would have thought that just by sharing my ideas here in this community it would lead to me being a benefit to someone that far away.

I refer homeowners to my affiliate company Freedom Foreclosure Prevention Services, LLC for foreclosure/loss mitigation assistance and of course they charge a fee for their services. FFPS is very ethical and operates with a high degree of integrity which is why I chose to affiliate with them for their services.

I also make it known that there are free services out there that offer foreclosure assistance to homeowners. For a comprehensive list of these agencies and other foreclosure resources visit

Kotambu "KS" Shabazz

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Keith Stoller
Keith Stoller Tax & Business Solutions - Bakersfield, CA
KS, thank you for this information and referal.  Occationally we run into the despirate seller who is over leveraged and is upside down in equity.  This is a valuable alternative.  Thanks again for yor contribution and best regards.
Oct 15, 2007 06:26 AM
Kotambu "KS" Shabazz
Quality Real Estate Services - Renton, WA
Renton, Real Estate Consultant
Keith - You're welcome. Glad I could help.
Oct 16, 2007 03:38 AM