Moving with Children - Tips for a Stress Free Move

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Tips for Moving with Children

Once you have found the perfect home and are ready to make the move, you should read through these Phoenix moving tips with children in mind. Making the move can be a very stressful event for children and you should give some consideration to their needs, even though you may feel that the you don't have even a moment to spare. The way you approach the move now will affect your children and how willing they are to leave the home they are used to.

Moving to Phoenix AZYoung children: If children are very young they may not understand a lot that is going on but will be aware that there is a big change happening. If you are stressed out about the move your young children will feel it and it will affect them. You may find that your children are more irritable and want more attention during this time, which is exactly the opposite of what you need from them right now.

Think about it this way. If you are stressed about the move, you're going to make it happen anyway. If you are cheerful and can handle the stress well during the move, it will still happen as well. Either way, the move is going to take place, so why not keep everything light so that your children are not as affected? This is one of the most important Phoenix moving tips with children you should follow.

Older children:  If you have a child or children that are eager to move into the new home in Phoenix, you probably won't be facing much of a problem. If your children are upset about the move and leaving the home they are used to, it's going to make the move that much more difficult.

The best thing you can do for these children is to just listen to them and acknowledge their concerns. If your children don't feel like they are being heard, this may cause extra problems during this already stressful time. Take a few minutes to talk to them and address their concerns. They are an important part of your family and deserve at least a small amount of your time, even when you are super busy with the move.

Children will react differently to a move and the important thing is to try and tune into their feelings and help them get through it. It can be a very emotional time for everyone so the best thing you can do as a parent is to try to keep as much of the stress out of it as you can by following these Phoenix moving tips with children in mind.

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Collette Sarmento
Cameron Real Estate Group - Wakefield, MA
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Great tips, thank you for sharing.

Have a great day!

Jul 02, 2011 07:32 AM
Eric Crane -- Your Full Service, Discount Fee Realtor®
DPR Realty LLC - Gilbert, AZ
Greater Metro Phoenix Arizona

Hi, Cindy -- you make an important point.  other things to consider doing -- having some of the child's favorite things or decorations at the ready, so that it can feel more like home, quickly.  Trying to get to know some of the neighbors up front, if possible, so that the kids may have a ready made network, to jump start them.  Finding a cool place, nearby, that they might like to visit to show them that this will be a great place to live.  Just a few ideas.  have a wonderful Holiday!

Jul 02, 2011 07:44 AM
Daniel H. Fisher (704) 617-3544 - Charlotte, NC
MCRP - Charlotte Real Estate, NC or SC

The best thing you can do for children is to inform them of the upcoming changes and incorporate them into the process in an age appropriate way.  If considering a move to the Charlotte, NC and SC area, there are many towns, communities, neighborhood and complexes that children and their parents would love to call home.

Jul 04, 2011 04:03 AM
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May 01, 2012 04:38 PM